Wednesday, August 29, 2012

On Wednesday August twenty-ninth 2012, at eleven in the morning I had made a puppet with some of the staff and clients at outside the lines studio in Medford 70 Colby street. I painted some faces on some news papper glued to some empty lemon bottles, and even made a tiny hat too. Some clients and staff people were using the great big drum set and some people was even playing ball outside on this very, very, sunny and nice day

Friday, August 24, 2012

Castle Island trip

On Friday August twenty-fourth 2012, some of the staff and some of the clients rode to castle Island in South Boston including me.  A few minutes had past and so we had arrived to castle Island in the mini van so we had all got out of the mini van to walk around castle Island.  It was a very, very, beautiful sunny and hot day,  But there was a very nice cool breeze under the shady trees and every body had aten there lunches under some shady trees and talk to each other and we had wondered around castle Island for a few minutes and later we had ice cream too.  There was a lot of people there and a lot of dogs and boats and even a couple of air planes would make a landing at a airport near castle Island too. We all just had a great time!.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

In the summer month at outside the line studio clients and staff people would go out on a trip to the museum or the mall some days we would go to parks and look around. 
On Wednesday August twenty-second 2012, all of the people at outside the lines studio are still creating puppets and creating all different kinds of clothes to put on those puppets like shirts, pants, socks, shoes, and a little hats for some of the puppets to wear on their heads some like to paint or draw different pictures and some if they want to could drum and play their guitar.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Radio Show

On Monday August twenty-eight 2012, here at outside the line studio some of the staff and clients are going to make puppets and clothes for the puppets to wear too. Some people just like to paint or draw beautiful pictures.  After lunch at twelve o:clock some staff people and clients are going to the radio station at tufts University including me, George Russo.  When we all had arrived at the radio station we got out of the mini-van and walked in to a great big brick building. We opened a door to walk up twenty-eight steps and we walked right in and we opened a door to get on the radio.

Friday, August 17, 2012

On Friday August seven-teenth 2012,  I had arrived here at outside the line studio in Medford at ten-thirty in the morning  I were uploading   some video to my youtube at GeorgeRusso67 now I am writing on the OTL blog later I am going to walk around a trail here at outside the line studio here in Medford on 70 Colby street.  Later on there is going to be a art show in Central square in Cambridge and the art show is going on all weekend too so make plans to go the art show is going to be at Blick Central square in Cambridge you would not want to miss this for the world.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

On Wednesday August fifth-teenth 2012, at outside the lines studio in Medford I helped a female staff lady sow two cloth together for the body to a puppet and I had to hold two cloth together while she sowed and stuff in little pieces of Styrofoam  for the four legs and tail. and we are going to glue on the head too. And the other staff people helped different clients making their own puppets.   When all of the puppets are created we all here at outside the line studio in Medford are going to be putting on a show and maybe it will be on youtube too

Monday, August 13, 2012

On Monday August thirteen 2012, I had help a intern lady here at outside the line studio make a puppet  a by sticking on cloth in different shapes and sizes.  I had helped her creating the puppet from ten thirty to twelve o"clock in the afternoon then I had ate my lunch  At twelve thirty some staff and clients went up to the radio station. Later I am going to do some painting or drawing or just make some more puppets

Friday, August 10, 2012

On Friday August tenth 2012, at outside the line studio in Medford I just cut out different pictures with the other staff people and some clients too. I had done that for a hour and then after my lunch at twelve-thirty in the afternoon I had made a drawing of some hard woods trees and a lot of little ever green trees in the back ground and three cabins too..  Then I had showed a female photographer some paintings that I had made in the past few month some of my paintings were hanging on the wall.and I was even in the picture too.  Then I had just walk around the outside the line building

Monday, August 6, 2012

Puppets and Radio Shows

On Monday August sixth 2012 , at outside the line studio me and a few staff people we were creating puppets and Elvis Presley puppets too by tearing little pieces of news paper and soaking the paper in solution made of just glue and water. When the paper gets all wet we stick that on a lemon bottle.  When the little lemon bottle has all wet pieces of paper on it then you should let the little lemon bottle dry with the wet pieces of paper sticking on it.  At one thirty at noon a little while after lunch here at out side the line studio a few staff and clients could go to the radio station so I was one of the client that had went.  So the people that went to the radio station had to get all seated on a mini van that is out in the parking lot.  Then a driver would drive me and a few people to the radio station.  A minute later when we were at the radio station we would all get out of the mini van and then we went in to a building.  Then we had walked to another door and we open the door and there were fourty-eight steps that you got to walk up to get to speak on the radio.  So when we are beginning to walk up stairs there is a long bare on the right side of the wall that we hold on to then when we make a left hand turn we would have to walk to other steps and hold the long bare on the left side   When we would get at the top floor we would walk to the right for a little bit and the we would walk to the left and open a door later we would be talking on the radio if we want to we could sing to a particular song that were playing at that time.  A few minute   had past until we he to walk back downstairs.


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

What we do in the summer months

On Monday August first 2012, we here at outside the line studio are creating puppets for the Madonna video and I am creating a Elvis Presley puppet too. In every summer time all of the teen-agers help with the interning here at outside the line studio in Medford on 70 Colby street.  At the end of the summer in September, all of the teen-agers that are interning will be going back to their own schools.  And then the next summer we will be getting some more teen-agers that want to be interning.