Friday, September 28, 2012

On Friday September twenty-eight 2012, at outside the lines studio a few clients and staff people went to the radio sstation called WMFO 91.5  at Tuft University radio at ten o:clocck. Later all of the staff people and all of the clients too are going to eat their lunch at twelve o:clock then at two-thirty a guy name Jim and Mike would come in to ottside the line stdio carrying their guitars and a lady named Bobby would play the drum set and another lady that works at outside the lines studio she plays the piano.  They play at outside te line studio  every day at that time.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

On Wednesday September twenty-sixth 2012, here at Outside the Lines studio some of the clients and the staff people are still creating the tall big foot creature from cutting paper to make these hairs hanging down.  I had to glue a strip of paper to a bigger piece of paper and then we are going to stick them on the chicken wire in an image of big got to make a whole lot of fur to glue on to the great big foot creature. 

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

On Wednesday September twelve 2012 at outside the line studio we are still putting paper soaked in water and wet glue around the image of bigfoot head and neck made from chicken wire and some clients are busy painting and doing other things too

Monday, September 10, 2012

On Monday September tenth 2012 at outside the line studio all of the staff and clients are busy making little clothe for their puppets.  Like little shirts, little pants, little socks and little shoes too and some puppets we even are making a littlt hat too.  At the some time some staff people and clients are even making a great big foot creature out of chicken wire and we dip the torn up pieces of paper and then we would dip them in the water and wet glue that is in the great big bowl and put the wet paper on the wire and pat the wet paper down very, very, carfully.  After lunch at twelve o"clock in the afternoon some clients and staff are going to go up the stairs to the radio station at  Tuff University
On Monday September tenth 2012, all of the staf

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

On Wednesday September fifth 2012, a few staff and clients are making a great big creature called big foot.  So some of the clients including me had to paint a big square cardboard all brown and then we are going to let them dry.  Then we are going to glue brown hairs all over the cardboard too.  Mean while at another table some of the staff people made this great big head and neck of bigfoot out of chicken wire and a few clients could dip a piece of paper in to a bucket filled with water and wet glue and stick the wet paper one at a time on the chicken wire.  In a few weeks when the creature is complete we are going to glue all of the big pieces togather and then paint the big pieces too.

a day out

On Friday August thirty-first 2012, some clients and staff people at outside the line studio rode in the mini van that is in the drive way all the way to Salem Willows including me.  A couple of hours had past until we all were at Salem Willows we had all got out of the mini van then we had walked over to the picnic tables that was on a great wide grassy lawn under a lot of willow trees and then me and the other clients and staff people had eaten our lunches at the picnic tables that were under a lot f great big willow trees and there were a very, very, nice breeze under the willow trees too. A few minutes later we went around Salem Willows for a bit and me and a few clients ever order some ice cream then we all had played some video games on the arcades machine.  Later we all had got in the mini van and then we all had rode back to outside the line studio in Medford.