Friday, October 7, 2011

Outside the Lines at Mass Art

Artwork from Local Day Programs for Adults with Disabilities
Featuring Gateway Arts, Outside the Lines, and Webster House

Mass College of Art and Design
Arnheim Gallery, South Hall 621 Huntington Ave. 
September 19-October 7, 2011

This show featured artwork by Michelle Gilbert, Kenny Dearborn, Ethan Cobb, Martin Jerauld, Marty Maher, Alex Wong, and Alice Mikaelian.

On October 5, Mike Piso, Diana Rice-Sheehan, and River Cortes talked to students from the  Art Education classes about our programs, teaching philosophy, and the process of the artists who were on view. Other Mass Art students were given assignments to create work in response to the show. This was the first time we have collaborated with Gateway and Mass Art and we are really excited about the exchange and the dialogue that happened. Thanks River and Scott, for putting this together!

Alice and Allison view Alice's drawings
  On October 6th, OTL artists had a chance to check out the show. Peter, Kenny, Nick, JB, Martin, Alice, and Dennis, Anthony, and Ethan went to the Arnheim Gallery. Martin, Ethan, Kenny, and Alice were very excited to see their work in the gallery. 

"Ethan Phillip Cobb!"

Martin Jerauld contemplates seeing his art on a gallery wall.

Tour of WCVB Channel 5 News

On September 30, 2011, Outside the Lines visited WCVB Channel 5 News!!!! Alice, JB, Nick, George, Dennis, and Martin and interns Megan and Rachel attended. They saw tv cameras and someone doing the weather report.

Dennis reports, "It was good!"

George reports: We had a tour of the entire studio by Natalie Morales. I even got to see JC Monahan, and she only had a minute to say "Hi, How are you", but I had my picture taken with her too. Then we came to the room that Suzanne Wornick was in and she said "Hi Guys, How are you" and I told her I watch channel 5 every morning. Then she went back to work to report the news forecast. When a staff person were pushing me out to the van sitting down in my wheelchair I had just turned my head to the right side and then I had saw five big giant sattle light dishes pointing to the sky. Then when every body were all loaded in the van we all had rode back to out side the lines studio in Medford.