Wednesday, October 31, 2012

On October thirty-first 2012 at the outside the line studio in Medford everybody is making Halloween decoration like skeletons, ghosts witches, and goons and there is Halloween music playing too.  Way up on the very top shelf standing straight is the creature known as Bigfoot staring down on his victims.  But the beast was caged up because he was alive but the creature was roaring and snoweling. But when the creature touched the iron bars a million volts of electricity would enter the creature body besides there would be a guy with a whip so if the Bigfoot creature would touch the bar the guy would whip the creature back in to place because the guy don"t want the creature to get a big shock

Friday, October 26, 2012

On Friday the twenty-six 2012, at outside the line studio in Medford some of the staff people and some of the clients too went upstairs to the radio station. I had a good time. Me, Nicole E, Martyna, Nick, Alice, Jb, and Nicole C, all had a great time we had played a few songs and some of us even sang along with the song.  I even got to make a announcement about the MBTA and how the people that works at the MBTA is raising the Rates and the those who want to e-mail the Ride should google and also too. We all had a great time up at the radio station 91.5 Tuffs radio   A minute later we were back at outside. lines studio some clients and staff are still creating puppet and other things too. 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

On Wednesday, October twenty fourth 2012 at outside the line stdio some of the clients and staff are creating   puppets out of cloth and buttons for eyes.  Some client are making beautiful paintings standing  up on the top shelf is the creature known as Bigfoot but he was just a stuff replica of Bigfoot  standing there at the top and looking down on all of the people that is in outside the line studio

Monday, October 22, 2012

On Saturday October twentieth 2012, there were a art and craft fair in West Medford and there was a whole lot of people there too.  There were people in big tents sitting at table sell art and craft that they done or made.  There were people in tents sell and cooking foods on gas grills there was a great big live concerts and a few long picnic tables too.  where you can sit on long picnic benches to eat your foods that you had ordered or sit to hear a live concert and talk and meet different people and walk a long the grass about ten feet tall very, very, hairy and very long muscular arms comes a creature known as Bigfoot when  had saw the creature known as Bigfoot my moth suddenly dropped to the ground and I was in shocked and awe at the same time.  So me friend comes running over and he aimed a stun gun at the creature a my friend polls the trigger or his stun gun then the Bigfoot creature falls to the ground and the was a bunchy off chest nuts on the ground too. and when the Bigfoot creature fell to the ground his heard head had open all of those delicious chest nut and I could not resist those opened chest nuts so I had got a big basket and then I had picked up all of the opened chest nuts tat were on the ground and I had brought them over to my table and I had called my other friend that had a great big wide stretcher and he had got a bunch of guys to pick up the Bigfoot creature and then then put the Bigfoot creature on the great big stretcher so they  brought the creature to the zoo to have the creature in a exhibit.  Every body had their picture with the great Bigfoot creature. then a few people that went to the out side the lines studio went back to the art and craft fair to talk to different people abot their program I had ate my lunch over at a long picnic table will watching a concert and the weather was a very, very , sunny day and if you look down at the side walk different people draw and colored  different designs and shapes too when you walk by youu are looking at thhe designs in awe

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

On Wednesday October seventeenth 2012, a few staff people finished up getting Bigfoot's hair done and then they would release the creature.  But before they could release him they held him for a few days observation. On Saturday October the twentieth they are going to buy a big collar and a really long leash and the staff people are going to walk the Bigfoot creature through Medford on the mystic arts Festival Conden Shell Park on Route. six-teen in Medford

Monday, October 15, 2012

On Monday October fourteenth 2012, at outside the line studio all of the clients and staff people had a meeting just like on every Monday.  At the Mondays meeting all of the clients and staff people get a chair and sit on the chair and get in a big circle and talk about their own individual weekends.  Then later they go do their own works and some clients paint and some clients draw or do different things like that.  Every day from two thirty until three there are a few people that play different kinds of instruments. A few people play the guitar, some people plays the drums and one person plays the piano and other staff and clients could join in and play a instrument if they want too

Friday, October 12, 2012

On Friday October twelfth 2012, at outside the line studio we all walked in to find a giant big foot creature laying on the table asleep and we said to each other should we wake him up or should we let him stay asleep and some one said that you guys should let him sleep because if yous guy wake him up who knows what that he would do in the drunken state that he in may be he would wreck the joint.  So another guy said you know yous guys should leave that big beast alone I just had the joint fix up this morning and then I had said okay guys we should really listen to the guy and we should leave him alone so we all did and then we had went on our merry way buy we had all made sure that we left him alone to sleep it off.  A minute later the creature a woke snarling and growling and then he had came right after me so I had ran in to the forest as fast as I could until I had found a great big forest of trees so I had saw this great giant big tree and I hid behind the great big giant tree.  Then I had heard a growling sound and I had looked straight up and on the very, very, big strong tree branch I had saw this very, very big hulk like creature so he had saw the great big foot creature was trying to hurt me so right from the top branch that hulk like creature  did a great big super fly snooker right on the big foot creature the jump made a great big hole in the ground trapping him then the hulk like creature had a great big cage and he had put the cage over the big foot creature and the hulk like creature jumped out of the great big deep hole then the hulk like creature had rested and then he had changed in to a regular guy so when he had woke up it was my friend David Banner and he had went to his house to bed.

                by George A Russo

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

At outside the line studio here in Medford some staff people and clients too are puting piece of paper dip in a big bowl of  some water and wet glue and they are attaching the wet pieces of paper to a image of big foot. On Saturday October fourteen 2012 there is going to be a walk at Jamaica pond and there is going to be a whhole lot of people there too.  Some people will be at a table selling baseball hats.Some people will be at a table selling different ssizes of tea shirt and some people will be at another table selling different colors of hand bag and information about head-injury and that is whhat the walk is all about raising money about head-injury awarness and there will be  raffles to be wone too.  For more information go to that is