Friday, January 25, 2013

what we had done on Friday

On Friday January 25th, 2013 at outside the line studio at ten o'clock a few clients walked outside to the parking lot to get in to the mini van.  Then a male staff person drove the clients to a great big brick building .When the clients had arrived we got out of the van and walked in to the brick building and walked up forty-eight steps and then walked in to a room to be on a radio station called 91.5 WMFO. Up at the radio station we would play a few songs  for a while and then we would have some announcements   At eleven o"clock everybody went back to outside the line studio. Back at outside the line studio.  At 1:30 in the afternoon some of the clients are making dream pillows. later at tree o"clock some guys are coming to outside the lines with their guitars to play some music and sing too. When a drummer was drumming to the music he had saw a big Velociraptor dinosaur up balcony just standing still and and it looked like he was under the power to the music.  Suddenly in back of the Velociraptor was the incredible Hulk he had a great big giant bucket of wet wax which the Hulk had poured on the dinosaur and the dinosaur became stiff as a board so they had stood him up again and the guys had went to there own houses cheering in victory.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

On Friday the eighteenth of January 2013 at ten o'clock am a few clients and staff would go out into the parking lot and ride in a mini van to the radio station at Tufts University.  At the radio station, 91.5 WMFO different people can call to request a song.  Back at Outside the Lines studio some clients would paint or draw with all different colored pencils or crayons too. At two-thirty in the afternoon a few people would come in with a few instruments like two guys who would play the guitars and one person would play the piano and a few people would play the drums. Also two people would sing some songs too.  Later everybody would go to their own houses.

Monday, January 14, 2013

On Monday morning at nine-thirty am all of the clients and the staff people too. sit in chairs and gather in a big circle to and a person would tell everybody how were his or her"s weekend was and what the person want to do for that week.  Later after everybody had a chance to talk about what they did for the weekend.  Some staff and clients and staff people made some Valentines day cards

Friday, January 11, 2013

what we had done on Friday January eleventhh 2013

On Friday January eleventh 2013, at ten o"clock like every Friday we go up to the WMFO 91.5 Tufts radio station.  One of the guys that work here made a announcement of what is on exhibit at the museum of science until Sunday January thirteenth 2013,.  Back at the outside the line studio a client had made a neat little bird hose out of wood it is a great little bird house.  At two thirty a few guy would come to outside the line studio to play music and singing some songs too.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

neon paintings

At outside the line studio in Medford that is on seventy Colby street some of the clients and the staff too worked on a neon painting that glows in the dark and some other clients worked with ia few staff people in cooking group at twelve o:clock we all went to our own house. I were asking a  female staff lady where could we get the Neon paint from

Monday, January 7, 2013

On Monday morning January seventh 2013, at a program in Medford called outside the line studio we had a meeting like we have every Monday morning, later some clients will paint with different staff people some pictures and some clients would have cooking group with different staff people  too.  At twelve o:clock in the afternoon we all at  outside the line studio here in Medford going to eat our own lunches  At there o"clock we all are going back to our own house.

Friday, January 4, 2013

On Wednesday January third 2013, a female staff person was doing some Neon painting with some clients in the dark.  The paintings that some people did glowed in the dark so that is why it is called neon paint

On Friday January fourth 2013, at a building in Medford called outside the line studio some staff and clients went up to the radio station called WMFO 91.5 Tuft University radio station at ten o:clock to be on the radio.  Just like every friday at ten o:clock a.m to eleven a.m.  Back at the outside the line building some clients could paint a picture or draw too, some clients have cooking group too.  At twelve o:clock am every body would eat their own lunch.  At three o:clock all of the clients go to their own houses