Wednesday, February 27, 2013

On Wednesday February twenty-seventh 2013, we here at outside the line studio made a artificial  garden out of artificial flower"s made out of different color"s of tissue paper and we used the pipe cleaner"s  as stems of the artificial flower"s and we had put in the great big pan a few big brown tissue paper"s as artificial dirt too,  Later some clients and staff people went in the back room where there is a great big square wooden table to make some soap in all different shapes and all very different color"s too

Friday, February 22, 2013

On Friday February twenty-second 2013, at outside the line study some of the clients and a few staff people went in the back room went past RHD and down the marble ramp in to the cooking room and we had cooking group.  In the kitchen we made spaghetti and meatball and a staff person had turn on the radio to WMFO 91.5 and we heard the other clients and staff people on that radio station.  Then when every body had arrived back at outside the line studio the time was eleven thirty in the afternoon so all of the clients here at the outside the line studio was eating their lunches.  And after every body had their lunches we all had one chocolate chip cookie each that a client and a volunteer baked.  Later at two-thirty we are going to sing some songs in the back room where the piano is.  So a lady  that work here at outside the line studio would play the piano and then two guys would play the guitar"s and they all would sing a song later everybody would go to their own houses.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

On Wednesday February twenty 2013, at outside the line studio we had went in the back room and we all had made a shamrock drawing and the other clients went in the very back room past the RHD office and then into kitcen to make their fcro

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

when we had sowed pillow cases

On Monday February eleventh 2013, at outside the line studio in Medford on seventy Colby street some of the clients sewed pillow cases together and then we had left a spot of the pillow case opened so that we can stuff the pillow case with a lot of cotton balls.  Some clients would even draw a big picture on the front of the pillow case or paint a picture too. then we would sew up the rest of the pillow case.  Some clients were listening to soft music in a dark room you can make a neon painting or play in the sand box with some objects or you can just talk to different staff people while listening to soft soothing music.later it was three o"clock and every body went to the own houses.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

the things that we do at OTL

At outside the line studio in Medford on Wednesday February sixth 2013 we got a brand new recliner chair it is very comfortable that a client will sit in the chair from time to time. We have another big foot the is standing on the balcony

Monday, February 4, 2013

On Monday February fourth 2013 , at outside the line studio in Medford 70 Colby street a few clients had a computer class in the back room at the OTL building.  At one thirty in the afternoon some clients and staff are going in another room to make some Neon paintings about being on a beach and some are saw two cloth together and stuffing the pillows with stuffing

Friday, February 1, 2013

On Friday February first 2013, at outside the line studio some of the clients here had cooking class so they walked to the kitchen past the RHD office and then they walked into the kitchen and while they were cooking they would turn the radio station too 91.5 WMFO Tufts University radio where some other clients  went  too.  When all of the clients and all of the staff people too were back at outside the lines studio they all had sowed some pillow cases together after they put the pillow stuffing in the pillow cases of coarse.  Later at  two thirty in the afternoon two guy are going to come in to the  OTL sudio with their guitar:s to play music in the music room with  a lady playing the piano later at three o:clock everybody go to their on hoses.