Wednesday, July 25, 2012

On Thursday July twenty-sixth 2012, there is going to be the twenty-second Americans with Disabilities Rally at Dunns park, and it is going to be a very sunny day outside for the disability rally too. I am sure that thousands and thousands of people are going to be there for the walk too. There are going to be different kinds of activities.  I am going to be at the rally with a few of my friends at Outside the Lines studio in Medford, and I am sure tat it is going to be a great rally too.

Friday, July 13, 2012

On Thursday July 12th 2012, we at outside the line studio had a few visitors . George, Michelle, and Dedra were at the meeting with the commissioner.  We were talking to her about what goes on at outside the line studio and about our own individual  art work. George showed the commissioner his kodak camera that he uses to take videos with and to take pictures with too.  George had also been showing the commissioner his paintings and his work that he has done on the OTL blog too. and Michelle had shown the commissioner her paintings that she had made and her play called November Turkeys and Dedra had said to the commissioner how she wants to work at outside the lines studio for five days the week in stead of four.  Later we showed the commissioner and her guest around the OTL studio.