Friday, April 9, 2021

On  Friday April nine 2021, some clients did writing and they had made some pictures too and some clients at a program called outside the line studio that is in Medford seventy Colby street all of the staff people and the clients went on zoom for a while. A 

Monday, November 2, 2020

My Day at the Smoking Porch

One day I had got a four wheel dark red motor scooter in the  year of twenty twelve. I had got a four medium wheel motor scooter at my house one day I had decided to go to a restaurant called the dunking donuts restaurant. So I had went outside and I had went into the garages and then I had sat on my dark red four wheel motor scooter so that I could go over to the dunking donuts restaurant. When I had already drove across the long wide parking lot I had drove inside of the dunking donuts restaurant and I had ordered a hazel nut coffee. Then I had put my cup of hazel nut coffee into m coffee holder that was on the right side of my dark red four medium wheel motor scooter.Then I had drove back a long the long wide parking lot  from the dunking donuts restaurant. Then I had drove to my left and so I had drove a long on the side walk then at the end of the side walk I then had drove up the very long wide parking lot to my group home which was the McLaughlin house. So then I had drove on the side walk on the left side of  the house. Then I had turned my head to the l left and then I had looked up in the sky and through the branches of the trees I had saw the sun it was so bright and if I still steer at the sun I would get blinded by it beauty. So I looked to my right and I had saw the big and beautiful smoking bush just standing there on the grassy ground and I had saw the brightness from the sun that was shining on all of the pussy willows and that was shining on every single tiny leaves of the branches that was attach to the great big smoking bush too. All of the stuff was so, so, bright from the sun raise  if I would drive off and then drive in to the garage to sit in my wheelchair. Then wheel into my group home to wheel into my bed room and to grad my camera the sun that was in the sky wouldn't be there when I got back. So I  was very lucky the I had a little green cell phone hook on to my key chain that were around my neck. So I had press a button and that would cell phone to call a staff person that was in the office in the McLaughlin house name Frank. So Frank had picked up his telephone and he had said hello. Then outside sittng in the seat of my big four medium wheel dark red motor scooter I had said hello Frank quick go into my bed room and get my camera and then come out back on the cemented patio so Frank had said ok George I will be right there.

Friday, September 25, 2020

2012 on a Friday

I had asked a staff person from my house if I could go to Dunkin Donuts. The female staff said yes so I got on my red motor scooter and drove across the long, big parking lot over to Dunkin Donuts. When I was inside the coffee shop, I rode my motor scooter up to the counter and asked the cashier for a cup of medium hazelnut iced coffee. I then put the iced coffee in my coffee holder and brought it over to a table inside of the coffee shop. I drank a bit of the coffee inside but then decided to take the rest home and finish it up there. I rode along the big, long parking lot again. Once I got home, I went out back on the patio. I saw a big beautiful smoke tree in the yard. The sun was shining down and lit up the tree from behind so beautifully. I called my case manager on my cell phone. I said, “Frank, will you go in my room and get my camera on my desk” He replied yes and brought over the camera outside. He saw how bright the branches on the smoke tree were and got ready to take a photo. I positioned myself on the left side of the smoke tree and took out my cup of coffee and raised it in the air for the photo. Frank then took a picture of me. Then he returned back inside and I finished the rest of my coffee out on the patio, still admiring the tree.

Thursday, September 24, 2020

 On the year 2012, my mother mailed me a great, big, red motor scooter! I would drive it across the park to Dunkin Donuts to order a cup of hazelnut coffee. I would put the coffee in the little coffee holder on the left handlebar of my motor scooter. 

So I would drive my little red motor scooter back across the parking lot. I would drive it up the parking lot closer to the house. 

On September 24th, 2020, I was at my program called Outside the Lines Studio and a staff person, named Cynthia, said to me "George, do you wanna go out and water the garden?" I said "Sure Cynthia!" 

Cynthia gave me the hose, and I watered the garden.

I watered every plant, left and right, but when I pointed it to the right the sun was shining down. I aimed the water hose with the water shooting out, and when I got it in the middle, it made a beautiful long rainbow!

I said "Cynthia! I made a rainbow! Get your camera!"

Friday, March 13, 2020

On March  Friday the thirteen at a program called outside the line studio that in in seventy Colby street in Medford at nine o'clock a.m all of the clients were playing a game of bingo. At ten thirty A.M some of the clients is going to cook and some clients is going to cut up different fruits and vegetables like apple slices, pears slice, bananas and oranges.  At twelve thirty in the after some staff people and clients are going to the radio station to play some songs on the radio for a while then at three o'clock p.m every body are going to their own house

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

On Wednesday March eleventh 2020, at a program called outside the line studio at nine thirty a.m some clients was painting on the big long table that is in the very, wide back room. At ten thirty a.m some clients were in the kitchen cutting up different  fruits and vegetables like some apple slices, some potatoes slices some celery sticks and carrot sticks and some oranges slices too. After  lunch at twelve thirty in the afternoon some clients are going to a dance studio and some clients are stay at the   program and  to paint  or draw a few pictures we all are going ride back  to our houses at three o'clock  p.m

                           by George Russo

Monday, March 9, 2020

Interview with Helen

Interviewer: George Russo


What is your favorite color?
That is a difficult  questions for me because I like all of the colors. 
but I like saturated tones the most.

What is your favorite TV show?
Gilmore Girls is my guilty pleasure 

Do you have a car?
No car but if I do have a car I  would have paint it crazy colors. It  would be a hippy mobile.

what is your favorite food to eat?
sushi or pizza 

What is your favorite season?
The fall season.