Wednesday, May 29, 2013

What we did at outside the line on Wednesday May 29 2013

On Wednesday May twenty-ninth 2013,  a few clients and staff went to the other kitchen that is across from RHD to cook some food so we cut up some fruits and vegetable and other stuff too.   Back at the floor some clients and staff had music and were singing too and som clients painted and some draw pictures too

Friday, May 17, 2013

what happen at the museum on Friday May 17 2013

On Friday May seventeen at outside the line studio  some clients and staff people rode in the mini van to the museum of science.  At the museum we went around the museum a while and we saw how electricity was made and what causes electricity too Later the lady she had elevated herself up in the bird cage and she pressed a button  to make a bolt of electricity and it was a great presentation and you put a coin in the coin slot and the coin would roll down this maze exactly like a whirl pool and then later we rode in the mini van back to outside the line studio

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

On Wednesday May 15 2013

On Wednesday May fifteenth 2013, at outside the line studio in Medford 70 Colby street some clients and staff people went to the kitchen that is right past RHD to cook some food.  Mean while back here at outside the line some clients and staff people are working on making some different color planting pot outside and they are painting the pots and adding different kinds of pictures too.

Monday, May 13, 2013

On Friday May tenth 2013, that afternoon at outside the lines studio on 70 Colby street in Medford. Some clients and staff people got in the mini van outside in the parking lot and rode to Copley square to hear a organ concert that was in a church called Trinity church.  A guy was playing the organ and he played the organ great too. After the organ concert the organist named Peter Residency had even came over to the staff people  and the clients to say hi.  After the organ concert we had a picnic at the park too
Later  the clients and staff had left Copley Square and we went in the mini van  and we rode back to outside the lines studio. when we had arrived back at outside the line studio we all had saw a big penguin just walking by the outside the line studio. at three in the afternoon every body rode to their own house