Friday, November 30, 2012

On Friday November thirtieth 2012, at out side the line studio in Medford some clients and staff went to Tufts radio station,  So they had rode in the mini van to a brick building and they walked in the brick building and then they walked up forty eight steps to the room where you can sing on the radio I went up later. Up at the radio station we sang some songs and we had made a few announcements too.  Later we had came down stairs and we had got in the mini van and then we all rode back to out side the line studio an some clients had stitched two pillow cases together and some clients had cooking class too.  Later at three o"clock we are going back to our house

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

At out side the line studio a few clients had a group called the Sensery group and in that group they would paint with neon pint and turn out the light so the neon paint will have that glowing effec and the staff person that would teach the group would turn on some soft music

Monday, November 26, 2012

Upcoming Art Sale

At the Outside the line studio in Medford on 70 Colby street I talked to some staff people about my holiday vacation and they told me what they had done on their holiday vacation too.  On December 5th 2012 from 1-3pm there is a art exhibit and sale at Tufts University at Mayer campus center come and support the local artist of all abilities and you could do some holiday shopping too. You could bring the great big hairy guy known as Bigfoot but be sure that you take a long chain with you we don't want that great big hairy creature to get out of control or create any ruckus that will not be nice. If the great big hairy guy known as Bigfoot is creating a ruckus just put a great big called around his neck and hook a long leash on the call too then go to the phone and call the incredible hulk he would take the creature back to outside the line studio so that you can have a nice day at the art sale

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

On Wednesday November seventh 2012, at outside the line studio some of the staff and clients did some fluorescent drawings in the other room and  in the dark too with glow in the dark markers and some glow in the dark pen too.  While listening to Gregorian chant monk meditation

Monday, November 5, 2012

On Monday November fifth 2012, at outside the line studio me and some of the staff people and clients are making turkeys.  You get a big piece of paper and you press the palm of your hand to the paper and then trace around your hand with a marker or a pen then you would add feathers or draw lines for indication of feathers. and add a beak too. At two thirty some people are going to come to outside the line studio here in Medford to play some instrument.   At one o"clock me George and another client named Alisoon went in another room with a staff named Nicole and a volunteer named Ivey and Nicole took the laptop computer in the other room with us and we recorded different song on the laptop computer that we saang too.  Then  we would listen to the recording on the laptop computer of our voices singing with that particular song

Friday, November 2, 2012

On Friday November second 2012, at outside the line studio a few clients and staff people could ride in the mini van to Tufts University  and then they would walk upstairs to the 91.5 Tufts radio station and play some music and they can sing along with the music too. At the studio some volunteer and staff people are busy making Halloween decoration for the Halloween party that is going to be at one o"clock in the afternoon and a band going to play at two thirty.