Monday, October 22, 2012

On Saturday October twentieth 2012, there were a art and craft fair in West Medford and there was a whole lot of people there too.  There were people in big tents sitting at table sell art and craft that they done or made.  There were people in tents sell and cooking foods on gas grills there was a great big live concerts and a few long picnic tables too.  where you can sit on long picnic benches to eat your foods that you had ordered or sit to hear a live concert and talk and meet different people and walk a long the grass about ten feet tall very, very, hairy and very long muscular arms comes a creature known as Bigfoot when  had saw the creature known as Bigfoot my moth suddenly dropped to the ground and I was in shocked and awe at the same time.  So me friend comes running over and he aimed a stun gun at the creature a my friend polls the trigger or his stun gun then the Bigfoot creature falls to the ground and the was a bunchy off chest nuts on the ground too. and when the Bigfoot creature fell to the ground his heard head had open all of those delicious chest nut and I could not resist those opened chest nuts so I had got a big basket and then I had picked up all of the opened chest nuts tat were on the ground and I had brought them over to my table and I had called my other friend that had a great big wide stretcher and he had got a bunch of guys to pick up the Bigfoot creature and then then put the Bigfoot creature on the great big stretcher so they  brought the creature to the zoo to have the creature in a exhibit.  Every body had their picture with the great Bigfoot creature. then a few people that went to the out side the lines studio went back to the art and craft fair to talk to different people abot their program I had ate my lunch over at a long picnic table will watching a concert and the weather was a very, very , sunny day and if you look down at the side walk different people draw and colored  different designs and shapes too when you walk by youu are looking at thhe designs in awe

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