Friday, February 22, 2013

On Friday February twenty-second 2013, at outside the line study some of the clients and a few staff people went in the back room went past RHD and down the marble ramp in to the cooking room and we had cooking group.  In the kitchen we made spaghetti and meatball and a staff person had turn on the radio to WMFO 91.5 and we heard the other clients and staff people on that radio station.  Then when every body had arrived back at outside the line studio the time was eleven thirty in the afternoon so all of the clients here at the outside the line studio was eating their lunches.  And after every body had their lunches we all had one chocolate chip cookie each that a client and a volunteer baked.  Later at two-thirty we are going to sing some songs in the back room where the piano is.  So a lady  that work here at outside the line studio would play the piano and then two guys would play the guitar"s and they all would sing a song later everybody would go to their own houses.

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