Friday, October 25, 2013

On Friday the twenty fifth 2013, at outside the line studio on seventy Colby street in Medford all of the clients and all of the staff too are decorating the OTL sudio with Halloween decorations like making scary ghost and big black hairy bats, frankenstein , wolfman and other scary creatures too. A staff person drove some clients to the Meadow Glen Mall to go in a store.  the store had all scary costume inside the Mall then the clients that rode to the Meadow Glen Mall had came back to outside the line studio later all of the staff and clients had a great big Halloween party and all of the staff people and clients had there Halloween costumes on too.  All of the clients and staff people had a little bit of cake and ice cream  and we were dancing to some music too.  And some clients played pin the tail    on the jack-o-lantern 

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