Wednesday, May 11, 2016

On Wednesday May eleventh 2016, at a program at outside the line studio in Medford at ten-thirty a.m.some clients including me went into the OTL kitchen to assist a young staff lady in cooking by cutting up some fruits and vegetables  for  lunch at twelve o'clock in the afternoon. At eleven o'clock a.m some clients went to a group called drama group. In drama group we did stretching and each person that was in drama group had pretend hat and they would put on their pretend hat and then the person would say what kind of hat they have on then each person would get three cards and different people in the drama group got to say what they like doing then at twelve o'clock there were lunch. At twelve-thirty some clients would go to dance class and some clients would stay back and paint a picture

                                                       by George Russo

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