Wednesday, April 4, 2018

on Wednesday April fourth 2018, at a program called outside the line studio in Medford at ten-thirty a,m some of the clients went into the kitchen to help assist in cooking by cutting up some different fruits and vegetables like slice apples, some slice cucumbers, some tomatoes, and some bananas, At eleven o'clock a.m most clients went into the great big wide middle room to learn a thing from the very big wide flat computer called the smart board we had learned about being Polite  And at twelve-thirty in the afternoon and after lunches were done some clients and some staff people went outside int to great big and very wide parking lot to get loaded int the great big dark blue van and then they all had rode the dark blue van to a great big dance studio in Somervie to do all kinds of dance moves at three 'clock p.m we all go to our own houses we our van driver's

  •                                                  by George Russo

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