Monday, April 30, 2012

artbeat 2011

When I had rode to the Art beat parade that was in Davis Square on July twenty-second 2011, there was millions and millions of people.  People were buying all kinds of clothes and items.  People were buying food from vendors.  But most people were in the parade wearing different kinds of costumes and different kinds of masks too, and some people were even walking on stilts.  But all of the people that were marching in the parade were playing different kinds of instruments some people were drumming and playing tubas and horns and other different kinds of instruments like that and radios too.  and there were some people from a program called outside the lines studio that were marching with a great big dinosaur called a Triceratops that was made out of paper mache and it was painted dark red too.  I was in the parade for just a little bit because I could only pull my wheel chair with my left leg and I could not ask people to push me in my wheelchair because the music was to loud.  Besides that everybody was doing something in the parade when I had arrived in Davis Square.  Then I looked around at all of the vendors that were selling all different things and food too.  Then I went to get some food by pulling my wheelchair with my strong left leg.  There were some people that would get in my way so I would say "a guy in a wheelchair is coming through," and I would hold my food that was in a bowl with my strong left hand.  A minute later I would ask a lady if she would push me in my wheelchair to a table as we go through a big crowd of people.  A hour later I had rode in a van to my house.

photographs from, click link for full story  artbeat2011

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