Friday, April 20, 2012

State House Rally 4.2.12

On April second 2012, I had rode to the state house with a few people that go to a program at outside the lines studio in Medford located on seventy Colby street.  At the the state house in Boston I was pushed in my wheelchair by a staff person that work at outside the lines studio and at the street across a great long and wide parking lot.  There were a lot of people at the state house because they were rallying for more money to support all of these programs and group homes too.  At outside the lines studio every one was hard at work on a paper mache head of uncle Sam. A staff person had worn the paper mache head of uncle Sam parading at the state house for more money to fund human service programs and group homes.  At the state house in Boston I had made a video that expressed how bad we need more money to fund all human services and group homes too..Because if we don't have more money it will be hard to fund all of these human services programs and groups homes and PCA programs to help disabled people.

Because you could be disabled next and if there is no more money how would people get paid to work for you

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