Monday, July 8, 2013

what happened at outside the lines on July fifth 2013,

At outside the line studio in Medford seventy Colby street on Friday July fifth some clients and a few staff people went up to the kitchen to cook chili.  But at eleven thirty a few clients and staff people had walked outside in the parking lot to get on the dark blue van and rode up to the Peabody exes museum.  A half hour went by until we were at the Peabody exes museum.  But it was very, very, hard trying to find a parking spot because of a whole lot of cars and trucks.  When we did the staff that was driving the dark blue van parked the van and then the clients go out of the dark blue van.  In side of the museum in Salem there were a few gifts shoppes and clothes stores too.  And upstairs of the Peabody exes museum was all kinds of paintings on the wall and paintings of different cultures too and a few statues too.  Later all of the clients and staff people that went got back in the dark blue van.  But we were waiting for a person to drive his or her car out of the drive way.  When we had rode out of the parking lot we had  rode back to outside the lines studio in Medford to ride to their own houses.

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