Monday, July 8, 2013

what we did at outside the line studio on Monday July eight 2013,

On Monday July eight 2013, at outside the line studio in Medford all of the  clients and the staff people would put some chairs down to form  a circle then when every body sat down and each person would get a chance to talk how his and her week end was and what that person did on their week end too.  After the meeting some clients and staff people would go to cooking group in to the kitchen past RHD to cook some food to eat at lunch time.  After lunch time some clients went out in the parking lot to get on the dark blue van and then rode to the television station in Somervile  and some went to art class with a lady named  Dian  that was in the back room on the great big wooden table and some client went outside walking later at three o:clock everybody went to there own house.

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